Who better to seek advice about becoming a new board member than from a three-time CEO who has served on more than 30 boards for both private and public companies? Betsy Atkins is a leading corporate governance expert, commentator on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance, serial entrepreneur, AdvisoryCloud member, and author of three boardroom-based books.

While many successful board members serve on one, possibly two, boards throughout their career, Betsy’s rare experience of serving on numerous boards across various industries and geographies has given her unparalleled insight into navigating the boardroom. In her third book, Be Board Ready, Betsy divulges her secrets for getting hired to a board, as well as how to be a highly valued board member to continually attract new opportunities.

Be Board Ready teaches you how to build a strong personal brand that keeps you relevant in an evolving business world by presenting your skills and credentials in a way that best highlights your value as a board member. Through this book, executives learn to not only position themselves to secure an interview, but also detailed information on how to prepare for it. It includes tips on using your personal network in an effective way so that even after your secure that first board seat, you continue to grow as a professional.

Betsy is a powerhouse board member and advisor, having worked behind the scenes of companies including Wynn Resorts, Volvo Cars, Vonage, Darden Restaurants, NASDAQ, HealthSouth, Wix, Home Depot Supply, and Schneider Electric. Using her personal experiences Betsy shares her learnings on how to be a valuable contributor in the boardroom during times of corporate crisis.

Be Board Ready provides actionable steps for executives to accelerate their path to the boardroom and equips them with an understanding of how to actively engage with board opportunities.