Betsy Atkins is often asked, “How can I get on a board?”

That’s because she’s a corporate governance expert with an eye for making boards a competitive asset. Her board experience is vast and covers multiple industries, having served on 27 public boards and been through 13 IPOs.

And after 20+ years in the boardroom and multiple roles in public and private companies, she has a lot of knowledge to share.

She recently published a book — Be Board Ready — explaining how to build your own personal brand as well as how to keep yourself relevant and growing. She shares tips on how to make your personal network most effective. Betsy also covers the best ways to present your skills and credentials in order to get that board interview as well as detailed information on how to prepare for it.

But getting that board seat won’t be the end of your journey. Once you are on the board, you’ll want to be the best board member you can, helping your companies grow and prosper so you’ll be able to get that next, even better board seat.

After hearing Betsy’s story, prospective board members will be energized and motivated to create their own personal brand, cultivate it to gain a board seat, be a better board member, and continue to become educated on the issues boards are facing today. And that’s why I’m so excited to have her on the show today.