VIDEO: Inside America’s Boardrooms – Crisis Management: Lessons from United Airlines, Equifax & HealthSouth

Host: TK Kerstetter
Guest: Betsy Atkins, Board Veteran & Director of Multiple Boards

The past few years have provided corporate boards with several crisis scenarios to learn from. While incidents like United Airlines, Equifax and HealthSouth each stem from a different root cause, the board’s best defense against these corporate debacles is the same—to have an effective crisis management plan in place.

Board veteran Betsy Atkins, who has served in board and leadership positions at nearly 30 companies, joins host TK Kerstetter to impart her crisis management expertise gleaned throughout her extensive career. On the heels of her new book, Behind Boardroom Doors: Lessons of a Corporate Director, Atkins speaks specifically to crises that are born or heightened by today’s digital environment, particularly those related to social media and cyber risks.

“In a B2C like United, Equifax or BP, you have a big, sensitive constituency and brand that you need to protect,” said Atkins, “and you need to assume that some kerfuffle will occur at some point.”
In this episode, Atkins reviews specific examples and draws conclusions about what boards can learn from these damaging reputational incidents. As it grows increasingly difficult to prevent a crisis in today’s digital world, Atkins stresses the important role of the board in crisis and reputation management.

– What can boards learn from incidents like United Airlines, Equifax and HealthSouth?
– What are the steps towards mitigating a crisis related to cybersecurity or social media?
– What piece of advice should all board members remember when making decisions in a crisis situation?

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