The ESG Agenda, a brand-new podcast from Brunswick Group, hosted by Partner Amelia Pan. Amelia is joined by industry leaders, innovators, and experts for a series of conversations that explore the ESG issues on the minds of business leaders and investors.

As Season 1 of The ESG Agenda draws to a close, Amelia Pan is joined by Betsy Atkins, three-time CEO and experienced director on more than 60 private and public company Boards, including Schneider Electric, Volvo Cars, and Home Depot Supply. She a leading voice on ESG in the Boardroom and the author of Be Board Ready.

Amelia and Betsy discuss differences between US and European Board governance, cautions that ESG will be the Trojan Horse into the boardroom for shareholder activists, and despite the noise and complexity, she encourages Boards to just get started on ESG.