Betsy S Atkins:

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. This isn’t the end. It’s the ongoing quest that we all share for cyber security, and I think what we’ve heard today is that we likely will or have been breached and we have to focus on our mitigation and our incident response programs and training our people, but also that the SEC is going to hold all of us accountable as directors and CEOs of protecting the company’s assets. Institutional Shareholder Services has jumped on the bandwagon and they are recommending a no vote on directors at Target and companies that have been breached. We’re all going to have to have robust plans, and I think all we can come away with is that it’s going to continue to evolve, and whatever we’re doing, we have to actively keep honing it and learning it. Lastly, I guess we can take two positions. We can stand there and wait for something to happen or we can take the offensive and put in aggressive, thoughtful measures. It’s been such a good exchange. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas, and I thank you all for coming.